The Art of Dealing With Donald Trump

Prime Minister of Canada is a great gig. If you’re going to be the leader of a country, it doesn’t get much better than Canada. We have so much going for us. One of our greatest assets actually has nothing to do with us at all but rather the stellar quality of our neighbours. And every Prime Minister since Mackenzie King could count on that.

But that’s the thing about great neighbours, isn’t it? You think they’re gonna be there forever and then one day there’s a sold sign out front and you’re living next door to an angry accordion player, who gets drunk and wanders out into the backyard naked and argues with squirrels. That actually happened to a friend of mine.

When I watch Justin on the world stage with Donald Trump discussing bilateral trade, I think of my friend. Because when you look in Justin’s eyes when he’s standing there next to Donald and Melania, he’s smiling but you can tell he’s totally waiting for the President to drop his pants and whip out an accordion. As he said, Canada must be prepared for anything.

I admire the Prime Minister’s approach. He’s a better man than me. When my friend got the nutty neighbour, my advice was to turn the hose on him. But my friend said no. And he took a diplomatic approach. And no matter what happened next door he refused to engage. And this went on for years. But this past winter, breakthrough! They went halves on a snow blower. Because it made sense to both parties.

So good luck, Prime Minister. Fingers crossed, Canada.  Steady as she goes.

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