We've Got Issues

Well here we are in the midst of yet another federal election. Now normally I love an election, but this is not just any election. This is the longest election in modern Canadian history. We are sixty-six days in and I would love to tell you that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but with two weeks left to go I can't even see the tunnel.

Now the Prime Minister says we needed this extra long election so we would have more time to discuss the issues. Then he announced that he would not take any follow-up questions on any issue, ever. You can ask this guy what he had for lunch; he can say Saskatchewan, and that issue is done. Which is why we’ve burned through all those silly issues early on like jobs, the economy, the plunging dollar, the price of oil, did I mention jobs? And we have settled on the definitive issue of the campaign: the niqab. If this keeps up, in a week we will be discussing which leader has the best hair. Oh right, we did that.

So for those of you who are feeling worn down by this campaign, who want to zone out and stay home—I feel your pain. I never thought I would say this: I would rather drink paint than hear the words “the following is a paid political announcement.” We must remain vigilant.

Remember this is not their election. It is ours. They do not get to choose what this election is about, we do. Just like we get to choose who runs this country. That's our job. All we have to do is show up and do it.

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