Well that, my friends, was an election for the ages. The pendulum swung hard. Good men and women were defeated and lots of new folks are heading to Ottawa. But no matter how you voted; no matter whether you were cheering or sobbing a Liberal majority; a new Parliament has been chosen peacefully by the people and that is worth celebrating.

This will be Canada’s 42nd Parliament and as Canadians we all have to hope it will be the most effective yet. But of course that’s not up to us. The only people who can make that happen were elected last night.

So to all the MPs, regardless of your party, remember this: The very best Parliaments were defined not by their size or their shape or the party in power, but by the fact that the individual MPs, when it came down to it, they worked together and they got along with one another or at least they tried.

And you know what? Getting along with people, it’s not that hard. It’s irritating but it’s doable. And in the real world we all have to get along with people that we don’t agree with. It’s called finding common ground. It’s done in workplaces all across Canada. It’s done in families and it’s certainly done in marriages. It’s called compromise and respect. And if every day Canadians can do that, MPs can do that. And if they do, then maybe, just maybe, we will get the best Parliament yet.

So here’s to the 42nd Parliament of Canada. It’s a blank slate. She has yet to disappoint.

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