Working Hard for a Non-Living

I was very happy to read this month that Air Canada has announced they are creating 1100 new jobs. This is good news for our country. Because let's face it, everyone knows it, a job at Air Canada – that’s a good job. In fact, some people would say too good. After all, the Conservative government twice had to table back-to-work legislation to keep the employees over there in line. Apparently they’re a little bit greedy. But it worked, once the union was put in their place, lo and behold, prosperity. 1100 new jobs.


And then a buddy of mine who lives in Ottawa and is looking for work sent me the job listing. Now, turns out, they’re not full time jobs.  They’re permanent part time jobs – minimum 20 hours a week, maximum 32 hours a week, no more. And yes, you have to work sliding shifts, on weekends and holidays, you have to be able to lift 70 pounds over and over again and preference is given to bilingual candidates.


But hey, union job, 32 hours a week – someone had hit the jackpot. And have they ever.  The pay is $10.80 an hour – $10.80 – a whopping 55 cents above minimum wage. Now when I worked for minimum wage, I was a dishwasher at the Continental CafĂ©.  The difference is I operated a Maytag; these people, they will be operating the trucks that drag the 200 million dollar airplanes around. And when I was a dishwasher I got a piece of the tips. When was the last time anyone tipped a guy out on the tarmac in 32 below?


This is a fundamental shift in our country. Welcome to the new discount Canada. Where people who work hard for a living, can’t make a living at all.

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