On the Fence

I admit I don't spend that much time thinking about border security. Most Canadians don't. Which I guess is something we should be thankful for. But then again, Canadians and Americans, we’ve always had different views about this sort of thing.  Canadians are taught in grade six that Canada and the United States share the longest undefended border and we think that's cool. Whereas most Americans, they don't learn about the undefended border until after they’re elected to congress and then they panic.

Which brings us to the brand new Canada/USA border security agreement, which we need for obvious reasons. The problem is the Americans, they say it's a done deal. Whereas our government will neither confirm nor deny. Now luckily, the Americans, they have this crazy idea that people who are affected by this kind of thing have to be consulted.  So while our side is saying nothing, we know that the US border protection agency has asked every border state across the continent how they feel about a giant fence being built along the 49th parallel.

Sheesh, was it something we said?

But then again if the guy next door wants to build a fence there's really not much you can do about it, other than to say hey, we don't want the ugly side facing us, okay? No bolts and uprights and stuff, and uh, you gotta paint both sides. And, uh, how about you lay off the pressure treated lattice work why don’t you. It's a very slippery slope. Next thing you know we're standing there in our house coat yelling hey, any tennis balls come over here, we keep.

Hopefully it won't get to that. And hopefully before our government signs any agreements about our privacy, our security or the border we get a peek at the fine print.

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