Just Don't, Jason

When I was a teenager I didn’t know a single gay person. As far as I was concerned I was the only gay dude within a hundred miles in every direction. Now for a young person that’s a very difficult situation in which to find yourself. When I was in high school there was certainly no such thing as a gay-straight alliance (GSA). Thank God we had the drama club‚ which basically turned out to be the same thing.

Now there are GSAs all over Canada. And in Alberta there’s Bill 24. Now this is legislation that tells schools they are not to pick up the phone and call parents and inform them if a student is seen attending a GSA meeting. Now you may ask why would anyone need legislation like that. I’ll tell you why. You remember Jason Kenney? He was banging around Ottawa for decades. Well now he’s back!

Jason made a name for himself nationally as a loud, proud activist against same sex marriage. Although you can’t really blame the guy for that. We’re talking about the olden days, way back in 2005. And for a fella like Jason, the epitome of old school masculinity, I mean the notion of two fellas getting married, well that was enough to  give him the vapours. And lesbians? That’s the stuff of Jason’s nightmares.

Now imagine Jason’s shock when, after 20 years in Ontario, he returns to run Alberta for them and finds out they’ve had GSAs there for years now. So it was Jason who said the schools should tell the parents if a kid attends a GSA. Much in the same way that parents are contacted immediately if a student shows any interest in joining the school’s newspaper or, God forbid—the improv club—both activities that will lead to a lifetime of confusion.

This is all about outing young people and it is serious because there is a very good chance that Jason Kenney will be the next Premier of Alberta. Jason. Stop it. Stick to playground rules. Pick on someone your own size.

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