Cheques and Balances

So this past October 31st marked not just Halloween but exactly one year to the day since the Liberals promised to finally fix the Phoenix payroll system. Now for those of you not up to speed, Phoenix is a payroll system designed to pay every single Canadian civil servant. The Conservatives, they spent $307-million inventing this thing. Now unfortunately it didn’t work—it was total junk. So the Liberals came along, they spent $400-million fixing it.  Right now, and this is a technical evaluation, as far as payroll systems go it’s about as effective as a grade ten dropout with nine fingers and a serious buzz on.

There are people who work for you and I, say for the Coast Guard or the Department of National Defence, who have not been paid for months and months. There are people being underpaid, people being overpaid, people being told that they are deceased. And the amazing thing is apparently there’s nothing that can be done about it.  What has happened to us? We’re not talking about colonizing Mars here. This is a payroll system. These things have been around forever.

During World War I, half a million Canadian men walked through store fronts, they turned their head, coughed and they were in the army. Then they put their name on a piece of paper and they could check a box if they wanted to send a portion of their wages home to mom, a sweetheart or that waitress in Halifax. And then they went off to war and guess what happened? They got paid, every single month by the Canadian government. Did I mention there was a war on?

Now one hundred years later every single possible mistake that can happen to a pay cheque is happening but in record speed with maximum efficiency. If this is what passes for progress in government, we need a lot less artificial intelligence and a few  more real brains.

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