Partly Cloudy Sunny Ways

So one year and a bit ago Justin Trudeau won his majority government. Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways. And on this 'Trudeauversary' two stories caught my eye. The first one is about the fundraising. Thanks to Justin Trudeau, any average Canadian citizen with a dream and fifteen-hundred dollars can go to a party, eat cheese and get one-on-one time with a cabinet minister. Now this kind of thing has gone on since 1867. The difference is, Justin Trudeau promised, straight up, it would never happen on his watch.

It’s called “cash for access.” And that’s what it’s all about -- access. Why else would anyone pay any money at all to see the Finance Minister in person? It’s not like the man can sing. Honey good news! I just scored two tickets to see Bill Morneau in some rich dudes’ living room, only cost us three grand for the pair, said no person ever.

The other story involved Justin himself.  Off he went to the Canadian Labour Congress to speak to a youth forum and the youth they booed him. Wow, that’s gotta hurt. I don’t remember Stephen Harper ever being booed at an oil and gas conference.

And what did Justin Trudeau say to these angry young people who were upset because he’s not fulfilling his promises? Justin said he was the one who was ‘disappointed’ in them.  Yes, he used the word disappointed. He really is a teacher, isn’t he? If I had a dollar for every time a teacher told me they were disappointed with me, well, I guess I could buy a ticket to drink bad wine and hang out with the Finance Minister.

Sunny ways, my friend, sunny ways. One year out. They’re starting to lose their way.

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