America's Got Trump

Eight years ago, on November the fourth, I was lucky enough to find myself in New York City. It was the night that Barack Obama was first elected the President of the United States of America. History in the making. The feeling of optimism and “yes we can” was on bust. And I remember thinking, in my entire life, I will never again witness an election as transformative as this one. And I remember thinking tonight America deserves the title ‘greatest nation on Earth.’

Eight years later turns out I was wrong on both fronts. Who would have guessed that after electing a black president twice, they would follow up with an orange one. But I tell you one thing, it’s true—in America anyone can grow up to be president. Literally anyone. Narcissist? Tax dodger? Do your hobbies include sitting around on a giant gold throne? Yes? To the front of the line.

Our neighbours to the south have made a choice. Some suggest this choice was made out of anger. To the angry American voter I say, next time, why not punch a wall or go for a walk around the block. Because this is a very dangerous experiment you have embarked on. Obviously we honour your choice. And as Canadians, your greatest friends and admirers, we welcome Chachi as the new US ambassador. And as far as the new President goes, the magnitude and dignity of the office wins the day.

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