A Part of Our Heritage

Posted: 25/11/2015 8:22:17 AM

The Syrian refugee crisis is not the first time Canada has faced something like this. We've done this many times in the past 100 years. Every crisis, of course, is different. But they all have just one thing in common — refugees. Desperate people with nowhere to go. What to do with them?


To-Do: The To-Do List

Posted: 18/11/2015 9:22:13 AM

Many years ago an executive at WestJet told me that in the early days of that airline it didn't matter how many flights were delayed or cancelled because the best thing they had going for them, when it came to the public, was they were not Air Canada. That is what you call a honeymoon period. That is exactly what is happening to Justin Trudeau right now. 


Driven to Distraction

Posted: 04/11/2015 7:20:44 AM

I'm old enough to remember life before Google. Truth is—I don't know how we survived. The only people who could look anything up at ten o'clock at night were rich people who had the Encyclopedia Britannica.