Keep Going Canada Go

Okay sports fans, we are just two days away from the opening of the Paralympics in PyeongChang. I have been very lucky in my job. I've probably met with and played with close to a hundred Paralympians. I have been beaten by, humiliated by, and inspired by Canadian athletes missing every combination of limb you could possibly imagine.

If you are an able bodied person and you have never really tucked in and watched the Paralympics, you’ve got to do this. There's stuff going on there you didn’t even know was possible. Guys like John Leslie, Canadian champion snowboarder. Dude had his  foot and ankle amputated, they took that, they laid that over there; then they took off his leg above the knee. Then they got the foot and ankle and they reattached it where the knee used to be, except backwards and that foot and ankle now functions as a knee. Which he snowboards on—very fast—for Canada.

Then there’s the sledge hockey guys. Those guys are only happy when they’re slamming into one another. You get Canada versus USA in sledge hockey, it is fast, it is furious, to the uninitiated it looks like a group of paraplegics doing everything in their power to become quadriplegics.

We are two days out from an amazing games. Canada's Paralympic team—there’s no tougher and no finer. And like all great Olympians, they make for great TV.

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