Social Manipulation Media

Posted: 28/03/2018 8:26:44 AM

Recently I decided I wanted to buy a curling rock; I’m not a curler, it was a passing fancy. So I went on Kijjji and checked. There were no used curling rocks in my area. So I did a Google search: “For Sale, curling rocks, Canada.” And sure enough, there they were. But they cost between 700 and 800 bucks. I had no idea they were so expensive, I remember thinking, well, why’s that? Then I closed that window, I forgot all about it.


Money Pit

Posted: 21/03/2018 9:30:32 AM

24 Sussex Drive is the official residence of Canada’s prime minister. It is also a rundown, drafty barn. Eleven prime ministers refused to maintain the place. It is a barely standing testament to the fact that prime ministers will allow something we own to crumble and fall apart around them in order to make themselves look good.


Predatory Practice

Posted: 14/03/2018 9:36:08 AM

Well you gotta hand it to them; they certainly seem like nice people. The payday loan people. They advertise non-stop. Their commercials are constantly on the radio and the television. They’ve got those catchy jingles that were written by Satan himself so they enter your head and they just stay there forever. You need cash? You need money? They’ve got cash and money. The business model is very simple. If you show up and you’re upright and you’ve got air in one lung they’ll give you money.


Keep Going Canada Go

Posted: 07/03/2018 9:49:03 AM

Okay sports fans, we are just two days away from the opening of the Paralympics in PyeongChang. I have been very lucky in my job. I've probably met with and played with close to a hundred Paralympians. I have been beaten by, humiliated by, and inspired by Canadian athletes missing every combination of limb you could possibly imagine.