The Trump Effect

I am at a complete and utter loss as to what is happening in the United States. I can’t even begin to understand what is happening to the Republican Party. How is it that the party of Eisenhower, the party of Abraham Lincoln, has become the play thing for the host of the Miss Universe beauty pageant? And how is it possible that the more outrageous Donald Trump becomes the higher his numbers go? I don't get it. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. 

But I’m getting very tired of people who say that because of Donald Trump, American politics has become like reality TV. Not true. Reality TV is not this stupid. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump chose Honey Boo Boo as his running mate. 

What’s truly disturbing is that we in Canada are not immune to this behaviour. Ten days ago Conservatives from all over Canada gathered in Ottawa for the Manning Conference. There was one subject on their mind — who would be the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? And who got all the attention? Who was the big star? Kevin O'Leary from the Dragon's Den. A Man whose entire shtick is that money is a religion. And the more outrageous he became the more they loved him. It's embarrassing. He's up here in Canada doing Donald Trump's act, not as well and it's working. He's like a Rod Stewart impersonator. Big crowds in small towns only. 

But thanks to Kevin O'Leary, I now relate to those Americans who say that if Trump becomes President they want to move to Canada. Because if Trump becomes President and Kevin O'Leary becomes Prime Minister I want to leave the planet. Seriously I would rather live in a bubble on Mars and eat potatoes grown in my own poo. Trump and O'Leary? Stop the world, I want to get off.

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