The Hour

So this past Sunday the clocks jumped ahead an hour. We all lost an hour of sleep. Daylight Saving Time is now in effect. It happens every year at this time. We don’t question it, we just change the clocks. And so the day after I'm walking around, I’m in a bad mood cause I didn’t get enough sleep and I'm mumbling to myself that Daylight Saving Time is stupid. Now I admit this was not based on any evidence, this was just me being grumpy.

But then I did something that’s very dangerous: I Googled. Turns out there are a group of likeminded geniuses out there who have the exact same opinion as I do. They believe Daylight Saving Time is very bad idea for a bunch of reasons, the least of which is it drives children berserk. True thing. Also in the 48 hours after the clocks go ahead, men keel over in droves with heart attacks. Not that men need a lot of excuses to have heart attacks, but still the data is very troubling.

Car accidents go through the roof, which makes perfect sense. The Monday after the clocks go ahead the roads are suddenly filled with people who are late for work, in a bad mood and half asleep. Call this what it is. It's not Daylight Saving Time — it's a population cull. And it should stop now. And in the fall, when the clocks go back, that’s even deadlier. Although when that happens we gain an hour of sleep, so that one I can live with.

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