Go, Tom. Go!

In just three weeks members of the New Democratic Party of Canada, or the NDP, they will be gathering in Edmonton for their annual policy convention. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. You’re thinking who are the NDP again, why is that name so familiar? Well back in the olden days, like ten months ago, they were the party that was going to win the federal election. Their leader, Tom Mulcair, was ahead in the polls, confidence was high. Team Mulcair was in it to win it. Now we don’t need to dwell on what happened next. 

Ok, let’s dwell. 

The NDP came in third, Justin Trudeau became prime minister; Stephen Harper resigned to spend more time with his anger. But Tom Mulcair, he stayed on the job. Now why he wants this job, I have no idea. Although I have seen this type of behaviour before. There was a dude in Iowa who won the lotto, he still went to work the next day cleaning out sewers. So there is a precedent.

But if Tom stays on as leader he’s gotta go to this convention, he’s got to stand there while the members vote on whether they want to keep him or not. If 50 percent plus one say he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go. And anything less than a 70% approval rating is kind of embarrassing. 

Tom, don’t do it. You were a great Leader of the Opposition. Perhaps the best one Canada has ever seen. So you didn’t become Prime Minister, big deal, that’s a very big club, there’s like 36 million people in that club. If you leave now, you can escape with your pension and your dignity. Very few people get out of politics with both. You stick around and your own party may take away the latter. Life is unfair. Politics is worse. 

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