A Wide Range of Bedfellows

Ever since I’ve been following politics, ever since I was a kid, there were always people around who loved to talk about proportional representation. Or as they like to call it PR. Which means changing our democratic system entirely.

Basically it means taking what we’ve got now, throwing it out and changing it so the number of seats a political party has in the House of Commons reflects the percentage of the vote the party received.  All you have to know is that it’s the Green Party's all-time favourite fantasy.  

I never spent much time thinking about this PR business because, quite frankly, it was always academic. It was the domain of political nerds. I figured if it's never going to happen in my lifetime why should I even think about it? Kind of the way I used to feel about a Justin Trudeau majority. 

But recently something astounding happened. There's an organization devoted to making PR happen. They’re called Every Voter Counts. Now this group until recently, and don't take this the wrong way, they have been the usual gang of lefty suspects. You know, you’ve got the Ed Broadbent institute, Idle No More, the Canadian Labour Congress. All good people, all firmly on the left.  

But just days ago, Stephen Harper's former Chief of Staff, Guy Giorno — a giant in Conservative circles — he joins the gang.  Just to be clear, Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff sitting down with the Ed Broadbent people is kind of like Darth Vader sitting down with the Ewoks to fight climate change.  

I don't know what this means but I kinda like it.  Smart people, political rivals coming together with one goal—improve our democracy.  These are very interesting times indeed. It may be the worst of times for our economy but the best times for Canada.

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