The Frighteners

Which great political leader was it who said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? Well you can Google that later but we know for certain it was not Stephen Harper. He loves to remind us over and over again that danger is lapping at our shores. 

These days there’s a lot of things to be afraid of. The government and the media are constantly telling us that terrorism is at the top of that list and so it should be. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You want to go down the fear road, there’s a lot of things we should be afraid of. 

Danger is not just lapping at our shores, it's in the bathroom. Do you have any idea how many bad things can happen to you in the bathroom? People die in there every year, hundreds of them. And I for one would welcome it if, from now on, in every speech the Prime Minister gave, he would go on at length about the dangers of slip and fall. Any discussion about the economy should be met with tough talk on how to keep us safe in the bathroom. 

And we need new powers, new laws forcing Canadians to use those rubber bath mats. And there is no time to debate these laws, and obviously the state will need new powers to enter the bathroom. If Peter MacKay or Jason Kenney wants in your toilet — upstairs or down — that is a small price to pay. 

And while we’re on the subject, do you have any idea how many Canadians are killed every year in the summer? It is our deadliest season. And yet we are encouraged to go outdoors. That needs a rethink. 

If you go online and you research all the frightening things in this world you would realize that Stephen Harper is right. We have every reason to be afraid. But if we give into that fear, we would never debate a bill, go outdoors or take a shower again.

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