Who Suppresses the Suppressors?

Like everyone else in Canada, I'm being worn down by this robocalls scandal. It is as nasty as anything we have ever seen in Canadian politics. But like everyone else raised on episodes of Law and Order, I like my crimes discovered, investigated and solved in 55 minutes. No such luck.

Instead, week after week in the House of Commons, we’re subjected to all the parties standing up and accusing all the other parties of destroying the democratic process. It's nauseating. When Dean Del Mastro opens his mouth I want to punch myself in the face. I wouldn't be surprised if he stands up and blames my mother next.

But the truth is, for all the grandstanding, none of the MPs actually know what happened in the last election. They’re MPs; the people who run the campaigns tell them nothing. You ask any MP, off the record, what happened in the last election, all they say is I hope it wasn't us.

The problem is the only people who can order a judicial inquiry are the cabinet. Which would mean investigating their own party. That's like asking Don Cherry to donate his brain to science - it's not going to happen.

Now luckily we live in Canada and we have another option. It is a long shot but it’s a real shot - the Governor General. He is, by definition, above it all. Which is exactly what we need right now. With one stroke of the pen he can say, “That's it, we’re getting to the bottom of it, a Royal Commission.” And why not? It's just our faith in democracy at stake and let's face it, Stephen Harper loves everything with the word royal in it.

Because if we don’t investigate this top to bottom, coast to coast, all the people out there that believe voting is useless will finally have their proof. And fans of voter suppression will have committed the perfect crime.

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