Give Them a Break

Six months ago, if you asked random Canadians on the street what they thought about Tim Hortons, the vast majority of them would probably say positive things. In this country we’ve always had time for Tim Hortons. So it is inconceivable that suddenly Tim Hortons is front and centre in the debate on how companies treat minimum wage employees. I would say that the guy who built Tim Hortons is spinning in his grave except he’s still very much alive. That would be Ron Joyce Sr., the genius that built the Tim Hortons empire—an iconic brand that most Canadians felt reflected Canadian values. That’s Ron Sr. Do not confuse him with Ron Jr.

Ron Jr. is the son. Kind of like Fredo in The Godfather. Ron Jr. is also in the Tim Hortons business. He owns two stores up in Cobourg, Ontario. In his spare time he sits around in Florida and comes up with cost-saving measures designed to improve the Tim Hortons experience. Not for the customers or the employees but, you know, for the owners. People like him.

For example, this past Christmas Ron Jr. came up with this idea that from now on his employees at Tim Hortons who make minimum wage, when they work a nine-hour shift he will only pay them for eight hours and 20 minutes. You see he’s upset about this increase in minimum wage, so he thought he would make a point on the backs of his employees.  You’ve got to hand it to Jr. He is very committed to his work. It is not easy destroying the Tim Hortons brand. It’s exhausting. Especially in the Florida heat.

If you ever wondered why we need minimum labour standards in this country, look no further. Leave it up to some of these owners, every Hortons in the country would be staffed by grandmothers doing twelve-hour shifts for tea bags. It’s time that Tim Hortons realize people are now watching. And if Tim’s doesn’t do a U-turn fast, customers in their drive-through just might.

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