The Price of Being Prime Minister

Fourteen months ago Canadians were up to our necks in a Federal election. Now we can debate what happened; did the Liberals get elected or were the Tories thrown out? But one thing is certain, the Trudeau campaign was a machine to behold. When it came to public opinion they knew exactly what would pass and what would fail the smell test. Now they’re in power, they’ve lost their sense of smell and they’re losing their sense of balance. The Liberals are about to go head first into a snow bank.

Hey Justin, what’s the definition of amazing? Amazing is being Prime Minister of Canada. Best job ever and let’s face it, some great perks. But like all public servants, there are sacrifices. For example if an old family friend, say, I don’t know, the Aga Khan, calls up and says, “Hey Justin! What say you, the wife and your family come on down to my private island for the holidays?” You’ve gotta say no. “No, I’m sorry Aga.  I would love to come down and put on a gold hat and lie by the pool with you and Tattoo but I can’t. I can’t because my Government gives your foundation millions of dollars a year so I’ve gotta take a rain cheque.”

I know Justin, this is unfair. After all, my father worked with a fellow named Jerry. Jerry’s got a cabin on the Gander River, he’s thrown me the keys a few times. There’s no helicopter but there’s a lovely view and a cupboard that is filled with free coffee whitener. I hope to go back some day. I probably will. Canadians have always bummed cabins and cottages. In fact it’s part of our heritage. I’m sorry Justin, you can’t do the same but that’s just the cost of doing business. And your business is being Prime Minister of Canada. First, foremost and only. Focus on that. If you don’t, it won’t matter, you’ll be back on Fantasy Island in no time.

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