Canada-US Relations: TBD

Recently when I was poking around on Wikipedia, I found myself reading about a series of bizarre medical conditions. Anything to avoid reading about Kevin O’Leary. Anyway, there I am reading about this very rare psychiatric condition called Capgras Syndrome. Now with Capgras, a person wakes up one morning and they are suddenly  convinced that people they are very familiar with—people they love—have been replaced by identical, unpredictable replicants. And there I was thinking gosh, what a terrible thing. But then I thought hey, that’s exactly how I feel about the United States since Election Day. It’s like the entire country has been replaced by aliens. Or at least 47 percent of them. It’s the only plausible explanation.

So what does a Trump presidency mean? I have no idea but I know that as of now the phrase ‘stranger things have happened’ has now been upgraded from expression to absolute truth.  If tomorrow morning I am shaving and I sneeze and a little bird pops out of my nose and chirps ‘O Canada’ I will think that’s strange. Not as strange as what’s happening south of the border but it’s up there.

And what does President Trump mean for Canada? From a diplomatic point of view we must proceed with caution. I call it the 3 a.m. protocol. It’s 3 a.m., the bars have closed and you’re walking down the street. Suddenly some big guy is coming right at you. All you can do is keep your head up, avoid eye contact, walk with purpose and get ready to run like hell. Because that glassy eyed giant mumbling incoherently is capable of anything. He could just be coming for a great big hug, maybe he wants directions to a pizza place or maybe he’s gonna stick you with a shiv.

Welcome to a new chapter in Canada-US relations. Here’s hoping it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. Stranger things have happened.

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