Open Arms Deal?

I love it when political parties get along.  Like in the last federal election, the Tories, the Liberals, and the NDP, they all put their differences aside and they agreed that none of them, under any circumstances, would question why Canada is now selling arms to Saudi Arabia. It never became an election issue. And why should it? 

All we are doing is selling some high-tech armoured military vehicles to our good friend Saudi Arabia. They have a lot of money, they have a huge army and they are number one in the world when it comes to cutting off people's heads. It is literally the easiest place on Earth to get your head cut off. If you’re caught doing a magic trick they will cut off your head. I'm no fan of magic but what ever happened to old fashioned booing? 

Women are not allowed to drive there. If they’re caught driving they will be convicted and then beaten in public. I would say like a dog except of course in Canada we don't beat dogs in public.

So why are we in bed like this with Saudi Arabia? Well Stephen Harper brokered the deal. So his DNA is all over the contract. So of course that means it's top secret. And the only thing Justin Trudeau has said on the matter is that we are selling them some Jeeps. Really Justin? Jeeps?  Like Barbie used to drive a Jeep? Did Barbie's jeep have a machine gun turret? I gotta hand it to Justin. Usually Prime Ministers are on the job for a few years before they start talking down to Canadians. He's learning so fast.  

Look I understand, selling armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia mean Canadian jobs. And if I was Prime Minister I don’t know if I would have the courage to end the contract this big. But before we embark on any more adventures selling arms to despots. Can we agree to debate and discuss it in advance. Because unlike Saudi Arabia, Canada is a free country.

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