Keep It Together, Coderre


So Denis Coderre, the mayor of Montreal, held a press conference last week. He made it abundantly clear that he’s against the Energy East pipeline. Now that pipeline, if built, will ship a million barrels of oil every single day from Alberta to an ice-free port in New Brunswick. Now let's be clear — a lot of people do not like Alberta oil. They hate the fact that Canada is in the oil business at all. They hate the fact that the world is addicted to oil and Canada is sitting on a whole bunch of it.

But Denis avoided that debate. Instead, he made it clear he wants to stop this pipeline because there is not enough in it for Montreal. There's not enough money in it for Quebec.

Now at the risk of sounding like someone who cares deeply about a national federation; Denis, try to wrap your head around this — this has nothing to do with Montreal. This has nothing to do with Quebec. This is about one part of Canada trying to get their natural resources to the world market. Now when Alberta sells their oil to the world, they make money. It's ugly but it’s true. But then, they take a bunch of that money and they put it in the transfer payment pot. And then that money is given, no strings attached, to provinces not making as much money.

Last year alone Quebec received 9.5 billion dollars. As they should. “Have provinces” transferring wealth to "have not provinces” so we all share the same standard of living. And why? Because we are a country; we are in this together. It is astoundingly decent. It is astoundingly Canadian.

So with all due respect to the Mayor of Montreal. Alberta has been paying their fair share for a very, very long time, and right now, today, they are hurting. We all need this thing. It is time for Provinces to start asking what's in it for Canada, not just what's in it for me?

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