Keep It Together, Coderre

Posted: 27/01/2016 8:18:59 AM

So Denis Coderre, the mayor of Montreal, held a press conference last week. He made it abundantly clear that he’s against the Energy East pipeline. Now that pipeline, if built, will ship a million barrels of oil every single day from Alberta to an ice-free port in New Brunswick. Now let's be clear — a lot of people do not like Alberta oil. They hate the fact that Canada is in the oil business at all. They hate the fact that the world is addicted to oil and Canada is sitting on a whole bunch of it.


Antisocial Etiquette

Posted: 20/01/2016 9:15:27 AM

Over the holidays a buddy of mine, we’ll say his name is Bob, he was mentioned in a major Canadian magazine. Well, it was their online edition. Why he was mentioned is irrelevant—let’s just say it was a slow news day.  But because he’s a buddy, I read the article. Then I started scrolling through the comments and sure enough at the top of page two someone posted, “Bob is a hypocrite, I hope he dies a painful death.” Nice.


Open Arms Deal?

Posted: 13/01/2016 7:49:15 AM

I love it when political parties get along.  Like in the last federal election, the Tories, the Liberals, and the NDP, they all put their differences aside and they agreed that none of them, under any circumstances, would question why Canada is now selling arms to Saudi Arabia. It never became an election issue. And why should it?