Instagram Diplomacy

Justin Trudeau and his family have returned from a whirlwind eight-day visit to India. Despite some adorable family pictures on Instagram, I think it's safe to say things got a little weird over there. You know when the Beatles went to India and hung out with the Maharishi Yogi things got freaky too but they had an excuse—they were swallowing tabs of LSD like they were Glosettes. 

It is one thing to tip your hat to a culture that you are visiting but the Trudeaus, they dove into the deep end of the Ganges. They did not come up for air. They had a traditional Indian outfit picked out for every single day of the week. At one point Justin showed up in public wearing the outfit of a traditional Indian groom. And Sophie was his traditional Indian bride. Who does that? I’ll tell you who does it—Indian people. On their wedding day. Not two visitors from Montreal. When the Prime Minister of Japan shows up in Canada he does not get off the plane wearing his Anne of Green Gables wig and his peasant dress. No, that's for private time. 

Now, of course, it wasn't all dress up in India; there was also, unfortunately, official business. Marred by the fact that the Prime Minister's Office accidentally invited a convicted attempted murderer to a dinner and a reception. Now this guy is Canadian, he shot an Indian Cabinet Minister and our government invited him to a reception in India. How does that happen? 

Governing is supposed to be serious business. And yet despite all this, some people are calling the trip a success. Yes, I guess if you judge success by the number of likes you get on Instagram. My fear is that for this government those likes are good enough.

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