Instagram Diplomacy

Posted: 28/02/2018 9:52:48 AM

Justin Trudeau and his family have returned from a whirlwind eight-day visit to India. Despite some adorable family pictures on Instagram, I think it's safe to say things got a little weird over there. You know when the Beatles went to India and hung out with the Maharishi Yogi things got freaky too but they had an excuse—they were swallowing tabs of LSD like they were Glosettes.


Focus on the Olympics

Posted: 07/02/2018 9:13:28 AM

I have been very lucky in my career to hangout and even train with many Olympians and Paralympians. For a guy who consistently failed to medal in the Canada Fitness Award Program in school, it has been an unexpected honour. But after meeting so many of these elite athletes up close I gotta tell you, it may look like a glamorous life but it is not.