Trump Card

Liberal Prime Ministers always prefer it when a Democrat is President. Just look at the very special relationship that existed between Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. Well actually, those guys were a little over the top. I mean Justin was barely elected for five minutes before he was having sleepovers at the White House. They’re like people who met on Tinder and decide to get married inside of a week. So when Donald Trump was elected a lot of the experts said yes, this could be bad for Canada but this is very, very bad for Justin Trudeau.

Look, we all accept it; living next to United States is like sleeping with an elephant. But suddenly the elephant has rabies and he’s acting like someone is stabbing him in the eye with a fork. But for Trudeau this could be a blessing. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Prime Minister can now get away with anything. He’s totally off the radar. Just last week Justin Trudeau broke a major campaign promise on electoral reform. Inside the bubble of Ottawa they lost it. The NDP called him a liar. Elizabeth May started sobbing. An entire generation of young first time voters who voted Liberal because of that promise, were gutted. And the rest of the country, they said, “Holy heck Harold, look what Donald Trump is doing.”

Our Government is supposed to release a budget any day now. There’s a rumour out there that our deficit has ballooned to three times the original estimate. That kind of thing could morally prove fatal for a government. But if on that day Donald Trump wakes up and opens his mouth or God forbid updates his Twitter feed, the chances of anyone paying any attention to anything to do with numbers are very slim. Donald Trump is like a natural disaster except one that reoccurs every day. That is good luck for Justin Trudeau as long as it lasts. And if the last 18 days are any indication he’s got about four years of good luck left.

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