The Facts Are Out

For the past decade not a day has gone by where I have not reflected on how truly amazing the internet actually is. Multiple times a day I’ve wondered how did we ever survive before smart phones? And I remember the old days, if people had money they had access to information. They had the Encyclopedia Britannica; they had subscriptions to Maclean’s and Time.  The rest of us, we were on our own.

Now imagine if someone from the old days, say the seventies or the eighties, time travelled to 2017. Their minds would be blown at the amount of knowledge that we all carry around in our cell phones. Now what would they think when we told them, oh, half the information is false. And not just false, it’s intentionally false, designed to confuse us. Fake news. Cancer is a conspiracy, oil of oregano will cure meningitis, the climate is not changing, Meryl Streep is overrated as an actress. All headlines, all fake.

It was not that long ago, if you were in business or politics and you were caught intentionally spreading lies about an opponent it would be game over. You would be out. You would be considered a dishonourable human being. Now it’s everywhere.

Here in Canada we have the very successful Dr. Kellie Leitch leadership campaign. Running for leadership of the Conservative party. Her campaign manager brags that he spreads false news on her behalf. The consequences? Nothing. I would love to see Dr. Leitch and her manager in a town hall, except with children and watch the good doctor explain to the kids why lying is okay.

Now of course it’s not lying any more, is it? It’s just spreading alternative facts. I have searched the internet high and low. There is one question for which I cannot find the answer. Why is it that now, when we have access to more information than ever before, are we becoming increasingly dumb?

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