Can't... Look... Away...

So the other night I get home from work and it’s a few minutes before the National. I’m flicking around and up pops Anderson Cooper reviewing the day's events on the American campaign trail and I’m hooked. Trump versus Cruz. Hillary versus Bernie, Cruz, Trump. Did I mention Trump? I could not avert my eyes.

I felt a little guilty because, let's face it, I was not watching because I have an innate interest in the American political process. No, I was watching because, well, it's a train wreck down there. Actually that's too kind. The American primaries, they’re like a train wreck in a trailer park and a tornado is coming. Plus, there are killer bees. 

So, in other words, the natural order of things has been restored. Canadian society functions at its best when we can collectively look down our noses on American politics with a certain smugness. We are happiest when we can look at each other and go, “that would never, ever happen up here.” See, I miss that feeling. 

For years it didn’t matter where you were on the planet. You brought up that you were from Canada, that would open a ten minute conversation about Mayor Ford, who they believed was the President or the King of Canada. But it didn't matter. That was our brand. 

And then the Americans, well, the Americans, they had Obama and we had, well let's not reflect on what we had. Let's celebrate what Canada has right now—boring mayors and a Prime Minister who has yet to say something completely insane. I know, it’s shallow but it feels good in the short term. 

So thank you, America. You have nine months until Election Day. We will be watching for all the wrong reasons.

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