The Bar Sinks Lower

I have always loved politics. Politics has always been my baseball. I love the competition. I love the ideas. I love the brilliance, the pomposity, and the idiocy of some of the great characters that practice the art. And I have always believed it’s an art worth practicing.

Now I understand, in Canadian politics the bar is very low. Lets face it, you’ve got to get on your stomach and crawl to fit under there. But there has always been a little bit of sunshine. There’s always been a little bit of light. This past week, I’m not so sure – Robocalls.

We now know that in the last federal election hundreds of thousands of calls came out of Edmonton to Liberal and NDP voters in 18 different ridings claiming they were coming from Elections Canada, lying, sending people to voting booths that didn’t exist. And what’s really freaking me out is that I’m not angry. Which is a very bad sign because anger is my cardio. I think I may be disappointed. Either that or I’m having a stroke.

Now I understand in politics there have always been dirty tricks. But this is not some drunks tearing down some posters. This is not even a negative ad campaign. This is big money and technology targeting people who want to vote and trying to physically stop them. We can’t have this.

You put 10 Canadians in a room they will disagree on 10 things, fine. But we have always agreed that voting is a fundamental right. This is not a left or right thing. This is just a thing. If we don’t believe in that, what else do we have to believe in?

If stopping people who want to vote from doing so becomes the new normal we will have hit a new low in the sewer that is Canadian politics. Keep this up and we’ll need a snorkel to get under that bar. Any deeper and we all drown.

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