A Rink on a Hill

Well it’s pretty much unanimous among the media, the pundits, the opposition; everyone is upset about this hockey rink that’s opening on Parliament Hill. If you look at the coverage, you’d swear it’s not a hockey rink at all but a crime against humanity.

Now if you’re not familiar with the story, log on and look at the Parliament Hill webcam. It’s practically my homepage. It’s an amazing image. The Government of Canada has gone out and they’ve built a temporary outdoor hockey rink, complete with bleachers and boards. It’s just sitting there on the lawn of the parliament buildings.

Now of course, people are upset because it’s the government, it cost a whack of cash. Also because it’s the government there are all these government kind of rules like you can’t text and skate at the same time; you can’t slam pucks off the boards during family skating. People are also upset because the government’s going to spend about a million bucks bringing in peewee hockey teams from all over Canada for a tournament.

Look, I don’t live in Ottawa. Like the vast majority of Canadians I am never going to see this thing in person. And you know what? I still love it. I can’t help myself, I think it looks cool.

And the image of 10 year olds playing hockey on the Hill, that’s going to be seen all over the world. A world in which, sadly, far too many houses of government are wrapped in barbed wire and machine guns. And in this joyous holiday season, if Canada is seen as a place where 10 year olds can skate in the shadow of the Peace Tower, what’s not to love?


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