Open Session

In just a matter of days the 42nd Parliament of Canada will begin. For 338 MPs this is not just the first day of school, this is like all the first days wrapped up in one. Think of the pressure. The mood levelers must be flying off the shelves in Ottawa. As they say in pharmaceutical circles, we moved enough anti-depressants to feed the entire Conservative caucus.

Stephen Harper is returning to the hill as a backbench MP. Now normally when prime ministers are defeated they resign, but no, Harper says he is going back and even says he will show up for work on occasion. Remember that one kids: if you're ever in a job interview, promise to show up for work on occasion.

One thing we do know about day one guaranteed: Tom Mulcair will be there front and centre. Well not so much front and centre as down the way and off to the side. Tom Mulcair is always fun to watch. Or you could close your eyes and smell the electrical fire in his head.

And then of course we have Justin Trudeau. To say that he was a disaster in Question Period is an understatement. That boy could not ask a question to save his life. But maybe he’ll be good at pretending to answer questions, which is basically what prime ministers do.

But whatever happens in this first week, we must hold our MPs to account. They all promised more civility and less partisanship. Now let's not aim for greatness because that won’t happen. But let's set the bar of decorum at an achievable height. Let’s aim for grade nine, we’ll settle for grade eight. And between you and I, anything above grade six is a win.

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