Net Positivity

Visiting the schools in the Spread the Net Student Challenge is always the highlight of my year. Trust me, if you are remotely pessimistic about anything at all, that is the cure. Just try to remain a glass half empty guy when you roll into a town like Peterborough, Ontario; you meet a young woman in grade eleven who donated her entire pay cheque from Red Lobster to Spread the Net.

Or if you want to feel good about the future or the next generation consider this: last year, the school that raised more money than any other school in Canada was in Fort McMurray, Alberta. You could still smell the smoke from the wildfires in the air. Less than one year after every kid in that school was evacuated from their town, their homes, their beds, they were back, they were raising money so kids on the other side of the planet could sleep safely at night.  

I look forward to these back to school visits the same way some people look forward to a vacation down south. A great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Because lets face it, school is hard. I don’t mean math class hard. I mean figuring out the world hard. And students today they’ve got to deal with stuff we didn’t even imagine possible. And yet they not only survive, they thrive. And they do it with compassion and they do it with tolerance.

Look I can only speak about my generation, but this crowd, compared to us, they’re not only smarter than we were, they’re nicer too. The media will always tells us, that kids today are entitled. On that point, I will agree. They are entitled to a better country and a better world. And from what I’ve seen, this generation, they’re going to make that happen.

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