Posted: 11/04/2018 9:57:52 AM

In fifteen years this show has covered a lot of territory; a lot of hours in the van; a lot of hours in the sky. We have visited over 500 different locations in Canada. Every province, every territory. Someone did the math, turns out I have walked 42 kilometres in this alley since we began. I’ve loved every minute of it.


Net Positivity

Posted: 04/04/2018 10:00:51 AM

Visiting the schools in the Spread the Net Student Challenge is always the highlight of my year. Trust me, if you are remotely pessimistic about anything at all, that is the cure. Just try to remain a glass half empty guy when you roll into a town like Peterborough, Ontario; you meet a young woman in grade eleven who donated her entire pay cheque from Red Lobster to Spread the Net.