There's Bad News and Good News

I love the Samara Institute; they’re an amazing charity. Their entire reason for being is to inspire Canadians to become more involved in democracy. What’s not to love? They aren't stuffy, they’ve got a great sense of humour. If you love politics, you could spend hours on their website.

But if you love democracy, it can be kind of depressing. Their latest report card is out and it’s clear. If Canadian democracy was a patient, it would be in the hallway on a gurney on its way to palliative care.

Turns out, the majority of Canadians are completely disgusted by Canadian politics. If this keeps up, the only people who will ever vote are the base. The base, by the way, no matter which party you're talking about, are a group of blindly loyal drones who live to get a Christmas card from their MP. As I said, fairly depressing.

But there is good news. Canadians are incredibly active and generous. A healthy majority gives money to charity or devotes time to causes they believe in. They want to be engaged. They just don't want to be engaged to anyone on Parliament Hill.

I just spent an entire week surrounded by young people age six to twenty-six who want nothing more than to make the world a better place. But you suggest they join a political party—you might as well tell them to go slam their head in a locker. When it comes to politics, abstinence is on the rise.

So to the leaders of the major political parties, this is go time. Canadians, especially young Canadians, they’re just not that into you. There's less than one year until the next federal election. Please, look beyond your base. Because democracy is far too important to sacrifice to partisan politics.

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